stevie said:  Weeeee!!!!! Go Rick, I’m right there with you. Steve Scarborough
Wayne said:  Congrats on moving forward with your musical career! I always knew you would follow your passion and am proud of you for doing so. You have such great character and life,and as you listen to your music, it definitely comes out. Sure miss seeing you and we must make the time to catch up. You have a way with people that they just come away feeling better after being around you. I remember letting you and the Carburetors practice at our company warehouse and was glad to let you all perfect your craft. Your friend, Wayne Norton.
Ricky said:  “Kool Kos” is a very loving person. Everytime he looks in the mirror, he says out loud “I Love You”!!!!. Seriously, he is a life long friend with goodness in his heart. I am proud to call him my friend. I wish him well in all his music endeavors.
Larry said:  Lyrics from the heart filled with raw emotion and a little bit of pain!!
Steve said:  I honestly can’t say enough about how much Rick’s friendship and musicianship means to me. He single handedly inspired me through his attitude and fantastic singing and song writing to take my guitar out of the closet and start playing again. And this is after a 20 year hiatus. To be honest,I was sick of playing and never getting anywhere with my music. But Rick taught me how to love music again. He showed me that music can be beautiful simply for the sake of itself. It doesn’t have to pay a big financial dividend or garner fans. It can simply be what it is….and through this understanding, I have once again started playing, writing,and singing. I must say that I enjoy it more now than ever. I truly feel honored to have met Rick, played with him in the band,and consider his friendship to be one of those very rare occurances in life. This from a guitar player,instructor, singer, and songwriter.
Sherry said:  “Awesome music”, the lyrics to his songs and the voice are truely from Rick’s heart.
Helen said:  I feel like I’m getting to know my cousin a whole lot better by listening to his music and the lyrics in your songs. “Johnny”, remains my favorite song. I feel kind of special when I hear you sing “16 cousins” and I know that I’m one of them. Good luck with your future music.Love you, Cousin Helen.
Ronnie said:  My family and I drove all the way to Dallas from Ferriday, Louisiana to hear Rick play at a neat bar called Poor David’s Pub. We had a great time and the music was wonderful! We had a great weekend listening to Rick’s music. All of Rick’s songs come from the heart and are based on people, places, and things that have happened in his crazy life! We bought his CD’s and my daughters husband listen’s to it all the time, spreading his name throughout Ferriday, Louisiana. Rick is a great person inside and out and loves to play his music. We are all so proud of him and hope his success continues.
Robby said:  Even though you may be my big brother, I have always looked up to you as a father figure, and even through our tough times,I have always held you in that special light only reserved for big brothers. I have always admired your special talent of putting words on paper and to music. I have always told you that music was your calling, and that is very obvious in the songs that you write. Very few can express themselves in a way that makes you feel real and what you write and sing about is real. I spent many times in your garage listening to the guys banging on garbage can lids trying to keep up with you and I always knew that if you ever gave yourself a chance to pursue your musical dream, you would make it. From those humble beginnings, look at you now! I am so proud of you and want this for you worse than anything. Always remember, that I am proud and priveledged to call you my brother. Also know that Mom & Dad are proud of you as they look down on us from heaven. You were and will always be a wonderful son, brother, father, and friend and the sky is the limit. Go for the music, it’s your calling.
Dr. said:  I have known Rick since junior high and when I heard his music, I was blown away. I consider Rick a “Balladeer” of the past, the present, and the future. Great things will happen for Rick and his music if enough people hear the heart and soul from which he sings his songs. Don’t stop, your time is coming!!!
Tom said:  I hope your music takes you to heights you deserve to have. I hope you get to play in Philly one day.
Daniel said:  Rick, call me! Your website looks so good now with all the content added. Daniel Owner
Ricci said:  Every time I have a chance to hear Rick sing, I’m blown away.I knew he had athletic skills as a young man but never in my wildest dreams did I know he had such a musical talent. His ability to express HIS feelings through his songwriting, has a way of resonating through all of us. Keep it up and I’m proud to call you “friend”
CleanHeadSteve said:  Love Your Site!!!
Mac said:  You gotta be kiddin me !!!
Vicki said:  “Hey Dude!! We’ve missed not seeing you. Still listening to your awesome music. Drop by sometime …”
Leslie said:  Don’t know if you remember me or not. I had no idea you were a musician. I listened to your website and would love to hear you play !!! Leslie
jeff said:  Even though I’m not down there in Richardson anymore, I go out to the garage and crank your music up. It takes me back, and good memories. I still speak of your name in Kansas and soon it will be Tennesse. The radio will only get louder. Adrienne really likes your music. I took your CDs there to listen to in Ohio. I’m spreading your sound the best I can. Keep up the good work! By-the way, this is a bad ass web site.
Denise said:  Music is “Awesome ” Denise
Kyle said:  You need to have :”Fishing Hubbard” on here its still one of my favorite tunes. We need to get together on my patio by the pool….fool!
Daniel said:  Hi Rick! How are things?


chobie said:  when is your next show????????
Josephine said:  66 Mustang, Teal Lane. Your web site is as impressive as you are in real life. It was my fortune to meet you, I am looking forward to keeping in-touch, and to listening to you play live. I enjoyed the pics of The Jackson five, the Apache truck, Chobie’s football, you in county attire, the guitar you licked, “Rick, I won’t mention whose the guitar it was”, and Pat. Well I’ll get back to the task at hand and order some of your music. Take care Josephine